2nd Announcement today!

2nd Announcement today!

Those waiting to hear who is the next team rider for Fitzroy is can feast your eyes on this!

Introducing Sebastian Jimenez!


Originally from Uruguay and now living in Edinburgh with his wife and family Sebastian is hitting the cold water surf scene hard! 

Growing up in Uruguay Sebastian took to skateboarding and was picked up by Vans for his raw talent on his board. Shredding the streets and parks he quickly became a known face and name for the skate scene. 

Sebastian took to the water when there was an opportunity to find work as a life guard and instructor, it was there he found his biggest passion....surfing.

He quickly became used to dealing with heavier breaks and found a love for bigger breaks. Travelling and surfing around the world hitting breaks like Puerto Escondido in Mexico and searching for that next hidden gem he was picked up by other surfboard manufacturers as clearly was going to be successful in the water.

Seba mexico

After meeting his wife and starting a family Sebastian started a new life in Edinburgh in 2017. Not knowing that he had landed in one of the most incredible surf destinations he'd ever known he was again on the search for the cold water slabs. Not much is written about surfing in Scotland compared to the rest of the world so his forecasting skills were put to the test.

Empty and heavy he found some unbelievable scenes and the locals have welcomed Sebastian quickly to the line up. He has found a new love for cold water surfing in Scotland.


He has his eyes set on a good amount of surf comps around the country and has shown a great deal of interest in creating boards for this. His main focus was to find a brand that he could relate to and develop a relationship with working closely on projects. Speaking his mind and pushing creativity in and out the water I think we are going to see some incredible things with Sebastian and we can't WAIT to get started!

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Photo credits - Andrea Ghuietti