A Summer to Remember

by David Haigh | | | 0 Comments

With one of the longest heat waves the UK has seen in decades, what has this done to our every day surfer? The waves are non existent but the beach is still our homeland. How do we survive?


We are active, outside people and we have turned to other sports to stimulate the mind until winter. Cycling, hiking, climbing, running, fishing - the list continues we all try escape the crazy every day life by exposing ourselves in different environments. 

One thing for sure is we aren't sitting around waiting on the swells to kick in. The weather draws communities together and builds social life outside of the normal surfing world. As surfers its hard to relate to another sport in a way we relate to a wave. The adrenaline is there but its not the same. It's important to stay fit and healthy especially if winter hits early so you can hit the ground running.


Remember - motivation is what gets you started and habit is continuation. 

With the beaches being busier than ever we have an opportunity to tell more people about how to protect the environment with a simple idea like the Two minute beach clean. Some food businesses have embraced this already offering a free ice cream in exchange of a bucket of litter for kids. We all want a clean beach....and free ice cream so how can you not get involved?!


Get up early and run, spend some time on the yoga mat and ABOVE ALL make sure you have time for a coffee and catch up with loved ones. Life is very short and we can often forget that we haven't caught up with someone in a while and before you know it 6 months has past. 




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