Behind the documentary 'Darker Waters'

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Last night we shared a short documentary directed by one of our Team Riders, Harry Fitzgerald.

We wanted to bring you first hand an insight behind the documentary and below are a few words by the director and team rider himself.


''The idea for a surf documentary came about after a few weeks of research and realising that the North-East surf scene had barely been shown on the Internet. So I and a crew of about five teamed up to try and make our first proper film. The documentary shows what surfing in the North-East really means and the challenges that local surfers face on the daily, whether it’s freezing temperatures or cold dark water I wanted people to realise why people surf up here and what draws them to the sea.


It was great to be able to team up with Fitzroy and shoot with a local shaper like Simon to share his personal experiences with the North Sea. Also, local legend Jesse Davies was a great contributor to the film and he shared some pretty wild stories! In the future I will definitely be making more films up here, so keep an eye out for those. Currently, I’m just about to start a new project which will try to show the less serious side to surfers and hopefully give credit to North Eastern shredders, without giving away all the secret spots!!!'' - Harry Fitzgerald


We are looking forward to seeing Harry continue his filming whilst competing in 2018. I'm sure we will see more of the creator real soon.

Documentary Academy 2017: Darker Waters from Northern Stars on Vimeo.



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