Billy The Squid - Hannah Bristow's next signature model

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When you receive a phone call from your team rider

''I'm heading to Bali and would love to make a new board for the trip''

Fitzroy team rider Hannah Bristow successfully designed and shaped Fitzroy's top selling performance surfboard for 2018 the Pugsley. Now she has now gone and designed another board that before we even launched it has had interest across the country.

Billy The Squid

''I need an all rounder that I can feel confident taking out on the bigger days and will be playful enough for the average breaker too.''

Hannah again knew exactly what she wanted ...kind of, tail bite entry further forward than previous set ups and something that would build confidence in the larger swells.

We have already been pushing our Gyro into bigger days but we were still missing that performance rounded squash board that would be a allrounder for someone to paddle out with.

With a fairly low entry rocker, a staged flat-ish section between the feet, and an accelerated kick out the tail. A single concave runs the length of the board, is deepest near the front fins and shallows into a hint of vee exiting the tail.
A flat deck design and solid under-your-feet feel.

Performance in all sized surf from small to double over you've really got a board that can perform well in all conditions under your feet.

The board should be ridden about your same height to 2″ longer than you are tall. 

 Billy The Kid is available to order now HERE

And if you want to see more of Hannah's adventures check out her YouTube channel HERE




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