Carbon Tape - What's your thoughts?

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The Carbon Hybrid Tapes for surfboard production have become the industry standard for high performance short boards.


Fitzroy ran a poll across our Instagram page '' Fitzroysurf '' to see if our customers were more inclined to request the carbon tape with a ''Hell Yeah''or dismiss the idea with a ''Nah, Too Urban For Me''

89% off the response rate was a ''Hell Yeah''! Now I guess it depends on the surfboard we are putting it on but it seems that the majority of those who got involved were all for the carbon tape.


The construction ensures a high strength to flex ratio and some tapes don’t effect on the natural flex of the board. The Uni-Directional weave pattern provides a high impact strength and allows for a kinetic flex pattern that will spring the tail back to its natural curve which creates extra drive and speed.

Placement of the carbon tape can effect the way the board reacts in different situations. 



It's not for everyone or every board but looking across the market it sure looks like it is still being really well received and requested by many people.

Let us know your thoughts behind carbon and if you want it put onto your Fitzroy surfboard and it isn't an option just let us know by contacting us via and we can easily arrange this for you.



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