Contact Surf Wax

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Contact Surf Wax

Contact Surf Wax, organic, sticky and created all in his garage. Founder of Contact Surf Wax Karl, sits down with Fitzroy Surf Co and opens the doors of how his journey began.

Karl, tell us a bit about yourself.

Where did all begin?

So! Contact Surfwax began 2016 when doing my final year at university, I had to come up with a project and show it off in an exhibition with real visual concepts. So, surfing being my hobby and passion, I'd just finished a Surf periodical in my project before, so I decided to look into surfers and surfing in the North East, knowing shops like Longsands, Tynemouth
Extreme, Cove Surf shop I realised all sold the famous Mr. Zoggs Sex Wax which give me the idea to brainstorm surf wax products and came across a lot of people making their own bars.

Which lead me on to creating Contact Surfwax and cooking up countless batches of wax myself and days and days of trolling every article on Google and messaging some amazing people on Instagram. (If you see this, you know who you are! Thank you!)

After I finished university I decided to carry on this project, after all surfing's my hobby and passion I thought I couldn't go wrong knowing I'm having fun producing my own eco surfwax and doing my bit for the sea along the way.

So what makes your wax appealing compared to other brands?

My brand is just like any other of the hundreds out there so it's hard to say really, a lot of brands appeal to me personally and I endorse them fully as nearly all the profiles I follow on Instagram are already in the direction of pouring organic and Eco friendly surf wax, so knowing the increase and passion for pouring naturally has a great impact on our oceans which helps to keep petroleum out.

What actions are you taking to ensure the company direction stays with environmentally friendly materials?

As stated in the previous questions, we are 100% behind this ever growing movement of natural and sustainable materials, we move forward all the time with our products and want to be part of a change to give back and help make our oceans and beaches clean again.

UK, Austrailia and now - whats next for Contact Surf Wax?

We want to keep pushing our products to their highest performance, with our new formula dropping soon we hope to give a fresh impact to the North and want to thank all who have supported us and keep coming back for their fresh bars of wax. We hope to keep giving the North the contact they need when they need it!

Fitzroy Surf Co want to thank Karl and his team, wish him luck for future and don't forget you can pick up some wax via or if you'd like know more about Contact surf wax please go to