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You may have noticed a few new faces around the Fitzroy social media pages lately.  A few guys and girls surfing and enjoying life in far off places such as California and other spots around the West coast United States and Pacific Ocean.  When choosing ambassadors, affiliates and team riders, we make sure to select people who share the passion, vision and grass roots ethics we strive for.  So, with that said, lets meet the Fitzroy Surfboards US Team.

Si Short @an_average_surfer - Team Rider

You may or may not already be familiar with Si as he had been introduced on this very blog and has been with us for a few months already.  He is a writer and surfer, having many articles published through different surfing magazines and is the author of the soon to be released book 'The Average Surfer's Guide'.  

In-keeping with the vision of Fitzroy, Si writes and blogs from a grass roots perspective.  Telling stories and opinions from the view of the everyday core surfers perspective.  Forget the glitz and glamour of professional surfing.  This is writing we can all relate to.  
Si is originally from South West England before moving to California a decade ago.  You can follow his adventures at
Sam Armstrong @sam_armstrong917 - Team Rider
Sam grew up in New York City while spending her summers in Southern California where a lifelong love affair with the ocean began.  She grew up in the water and that shows in her passion for surfing.  After relocating to California 15 years ago, Sam spends all her free time in the surf. She has a steely focus and determination to succeed and improve her surfing, something we can all relate to.  Sam is a talented surfer with a style that mimics the flow of Coco Ho and a subtle competitiveness that can't be ignored.  Could we see Sam in some WQS events in the not too distant future?  Watch this space.
Steph Hernandez @sunnystephh - Brand Ambassador
Steph's social media handle couldn't be more appropriate.  She is the sunniest, most positive and outgoing person you could wish to meet.  She has a soon to be released VLOG show and blog about her latest adventures.  She prides herself on being a living life to the fullest, working full time but still fitting in adventure at every spare moment.  Whether that be hiking in the California desert, scuba diving off an island in the Pacific Ocean or her latest adveture through Europe taking in 9 countries in 4 weeks. Oh.. and she's not  bad surfer either!
At Fitzroy we try to represent the core surfing community.  Just like our boards, our team of riders and ambassadors span a wide range abilities and surfing outlooks.  We are sure you'll agree that our latest additions represent our company well.  Stay tuned for updates, videos and more stories from both sides of the pond!
Words by - Simon Short

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