Fitzroy Supporting Surfing England

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Surfing England, a non profit organisation ran by surfer for surfers. They are the National Governing Body for surfing in England and we want to share with you that Fitzroy Surf Co will be supporting Surfing England and its members. We share a passion to grow the industry, creating a healthy surfing community across all areas of surfing and help others get involved with the sport.


Surfing England is based down in North Devon and like Fitzroy is involved with many projects like educating others on environmental effects of pollution and is involved with activities to promote the subject to others outside the surfing industry. 

Surf school and coaching support Surfing England has been developing the sport over a number of years and successfully operate the annual elite England Surfing Championships each year.


With showing your support to Surfing England we can grow the sport and help in other aspects around it too. Creating a larger community of surfers and like minded people we can grow support networks and development strategies quicker within the industry.

We hope we can encourage you to get involved with the organisation and if you do there are some amazing offers to hand by various traders including yours truly Fitzroy Surfboards.


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