France gets cold

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Rocking up in the South of France at the end of October you can still expect some glorious weather. What you don’t expect is getting up at 8am and the sun just breaking through some daylight. The other thing is the ice cold sand walking onto the beach! This October we stayed after the WSL comp as it was a great time to stick around to catch some unreal surf and gave us the opportunity to try our new board prototypes.

Dawn patrol started at 8am. We had to run across the sand as it was so cold your feet would go numb and feel like another limb by the time you had reached the water. As soon as you hit the water it was like jumping into a warm bath. You could see the warm air rising into the cold as it was like a small mist over the water. As soon as the sun came out the sand would warm up and you could then take your time walking to the showers. France can get cold…well at least the sand does.


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