Hannah Bristow Joins Fitzroy Surf Co as Team Rider

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We made the announcement last night that Kelly Says Surf star Hannah Bristow has officially joined the Fitzroy Surf Co Team Riders. She is the first member of the team riders to be announced and as a brand we are super stoked to have her on board. 


Hannah is a perfect representation of Fitzroy Surf Co, always smiling and having fun no matter what conditions. Enthusiastic and ambitious Hannah has blown us away with her creative mind with a trip up to see us already planned to design a board that she has been looking for in the market for a while. 

Hannah has plenty of experience in surf comps and plans to hit a couple next year with a Fitzroy Surfboard under her feet! We will also be working on a few projects with Hannah with designs and clothing but I can't give too much away just yet!


Successful YouTube Channel ''Kelly Says Surf'' gives you a great insight of Hannah's enthusiasm towards the surfing world. Always found in the water smiling bringing positivity to the lineup. Hannah is based down in Devon but is always on the move chasing waves and can often be found in the Canary Islands skipping across the reefs. This November Hannah is jetting off to California for the month to score some waves and catch up with friends so look out for pics and videos of her on her adventures! 

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