Jack Croft

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Jack Croft is one of our skateboarders alongside Jakob Adams. The pair of them have been hitting the concrete hard over the winter and both have big goals for  the year.

We grabbed a few moments with Jack to see if we could share a few insights about him for you.

  • How long do you spend on your board every week?

It depends on the weather but usually a good 5 hours maybe more

  • What challenges do you face during winter?

There's so many challenges to start the weather is never great and the fact I don't drive makes it harder to skate indoor parks

  • Do you do any training other than skate?

Sorta yes I'm a scaffolder by trade so I'm always using every bit of muscle

  • What’s been your biggest wipe-out?

Two years ago I skated a comp I fractured my ankle and foot in 4 places and tore all my ligaments and tendents

  • Are you travelling much at the moment?

Not really work has me 6 days a week usually

  • Where’s the next big trip?

That's good question I do plan on going to Barcelona - hit a few parks and hit the streets.

  • Do you want to turn pro?

I would love to but at the end of the day I just wanna skate

  • We are going to see you at Boardmasters 2019, have you got a goal or strategy or just want to skate?

I do have a goal I wanna be in the top ten hopefully. I'll also be at NASS festival

  • You’ve recently picked up a sponsor from Fitzroy, how does it feel?

It feels really good to be honest these guys are awesome the clothes are absolutely amazing quality

  • Fitzroy are currently working with you and Jakob, it’s a tight team at the moment – you looking forward to seeing this grow being one of the first on the team for the concrete wave?

Absolutely I can not wait for this team to grow and share the passion of being on a wave or a bowl

  • What do you want to see come into the Fitzroy team?

Eventually it would be cool to have some skateboards made by Fitzroy that would be awesome

  • We’ve seen you flying VERY high on some pics…how high can you send it?

Haha I would say a good 8-9 foot if not higher

  • What’s next for you?

At the moment I'm doing my driving so there's so much I can do, Boardmasters and NASS are my biggest priority's next year I'm really looking forward to both festivals and both comps everyone always kills it.


Both Jack and Jacob are super active skaters and we will follow their year bringing it to you to see where possible.







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