Made in the North East

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Our Clothing collection is expanding along with our surfboards and one thing we want to make sure of is it all keeps close to the heart of the brand - The North East UK.

Starting shaping in a shed tucked away in the bottom of a garden. Designing clothing over a few beers for it all to be printed in the North East. We started in the North East and that's where we want to continue the manufacturing of our products.

This is something we will always want to try keep within the brand. Sure the cottons are brought in from all over the world but if we keep as much as possible in the way of manufacturing in the North East we can proudly continue to help grow the beautiful place we call home. We are also supporting local businesses and creating more opportunities around the area so it means it's a win, win situation for everyone.

We do have members of our family around the UK so some of our photo shoots will be in a vary of locations but look closely and you will see some filter through that are located right outside our doorstep. 

Our new Heritage collection has the co-ordinates to Blyth harbour - our home ground and we are proud of it. 

Heritage Collection Click HERE



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