Night surf

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Winter; this means bigger and more powerful swells, a pretty exciting time to be a surfer. This also means less daylight… We have all seen footage of night surfing but only a handful of us have given it a go.

My first night surf was one day after school. I’ll never forget the first image of going down the wave and seeing the street lamps reflecting off the water, it was like surfing through space.

There was a swell not long ago that hit our coastline and I was so restricted with other commitments this meant that I had no chance of getting in the water…unless it was in the dark. One of the hardest things about night surfing is actually finding someone else that wants to give it a go. Convincing friends that have scored waves all day to paddle out with you in absolute darkness is like selling ice to Eskimo’s.

I was lucky enough to find a fellow madman that fancied it and we met on the beach laughing at what we thought we could see. You can see pockets of white water appear and using the light from the moon and street lights you can just pick out unbroken waves.

We paddled out with no idea where to stop until the next set broke in front of us. We see what we think is a wave and start paddling. It has to be one of the most vulnerable feelings sitting out the back in total darkness by yourself as your mate has caught one and left you there.  We caught plenty in a short period of time and obviously there was no one else out so it wasn’t like we had to wait our turn or fight for the peak.

It was such a laugh suddenly being picked up and thrown down a wave you had no idea was coming until you were being dragged down it.

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