Reflecting back on a incredible 2018

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Today we take a step back and celebrate what an incredible year we've had. We have learned some great lessons, reached out to more customers and been involved with some fantastic milestones.

Our team have been hitting the year hard with surf comps, travelling the world and even releasing books. 

We sat down at the beginning of the year with the vision to make the brand more relatable and offer more to our eCommerce platform.

With every business and new brand to the market there are always obstacles and difficult things to try and over come. It's part of the challenge of being a business and these are great ways of learning more about ourselves and our customers. 

Boardmasters was one of our highlights of the year as we were able to speak to our customers face to face and bring the website to life so we hope to try other events to continue this.

Our team has expanded and is stronger than ever. Concrete to waves we feel they represent the brand to its true form and all continue to have fun in whatever they are doing. Helping with clothing ranges/designs, social media and so much more we can't thank them enough for their passion to the brand and the continued patience and support - each one is irreplaceable. 


So...whats coming in 2019...?

Wider clothing collections, more boards to the line up, surfing/surfboard accessories and....well you'll have to wait and see but we are super excited to launch a couple things next year that we have been working on for a while now.

We will do our best to bring the adventures to you from our team and share our experiences through the blog and some video content. We all love to adventure and create memories of laughter and experiences. 

We want to be more involved with events and comps - if interested or would like to be involved please get in touch via - 

There is a lot going on the background as there is with every company. We can't wait to share 2019 with you and from everyone in the FITZROY family...Happy New Year!!

Thank you to all our customers, family and friends for their continued support, we love what we are doing and love sharing the journey with you.





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