Shorty - The Californian Fish

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Inspired by legendary shapes from the 70's and a modern approach to all round modern fish short boards we give you the Shorty. 

Simon Short has been working with Fitzroy for over a year now and has been dreaming of a fish he seen in a classic surf movie a few years back. After many texts, phone calls, emails and movie quotes we put our heads together to bring a fish to our quiver that everyone can enjoy.

A wide tail for that glide and retro feel that fish surfboards provide and full rails makes this board a stable point for a mixture of waves.

The retro feel is also reflected in the very flat rocker which helps the board paddle like dream which in turn promotes early wave entry and heaps of down-the-line speed. To enable the rider to drive the rail into the bottom with ease we steeply angled rails but softened into them to the bottom creating effortless transitioning. 

On the hull the slightest of single concave through the centre, and a vee from the back of the fins. This equates to a fast, yet precise and comfortable, familiar ride, without sacrificing glide. We mixed that with a performance tail narrowed down using the wings to draw in the turns. This helps low rocker boards turn in tighter arcs, rather than flattening out. The side-cut hooks into the wave face and turns surprisingly sharp, without the usual drift or skip or slip, associated with common wide tail shapes

"That easier entry on the nose makes life easier on climbing white water or getting around a section whilst the tail drives speed and performance." - Simon Short 

This board is going to appeal to a pretty wide range of riders. Depending on how you size your boards it'll perform well for pretty much any size and ability of rider apart from the 'brand new' beginner.

Larger guys and girls and intermediate surfers are going to enjoy the bigger sizes like 5ft 11 and bigger and the more experienced riders are going to love the board on those smaller days of summer.


Please note - all Fitzroy surfboards are hand made and have a 3 week turn around after purchase - any additional time you will be notified.


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Length  width Thickness Volume
5'0 19.5 2.2 25.25
5'1 19.63 2.25 26
5'2 19.75 2.32 27.25
5'3 20 2.32 28.25
5'4 20.25 2.35 29.25
5'5 20.5 2.38 30.75
5'6 20.75 2.4 32
5'7 20.88 2.4 33
5'8 21 2.45 34
5'9 21.25 2.5 35.5
5'10 21.5 2.5 37
5'11 21.75 2.56 39
6'0 22 2.63 40.5
6'1 22 2.66 41.75
6'2 22.25 2.7 43.5
6'3 22.32 2.75 45.25
6'4 22.5 2.8 47



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