Surf Trip Dilemma

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Stoke is high, you've booked your summer trip to find some waves...there's only one dilemma...what board do I take?

All rounder, midlength, the go to board...will it make the flight!??!

The amount of times that I will look on social media at surf spots after booking the holiday and it is off shore and firing. I get drawn in by the hype that its always like that but in can rain, blow a hoolie and go 1ft onshore anywhere...but you always hope its like those insta pics.

The next thing is to look at the averages on the swell height then that's it, I switch it off. From there its a mind game with myself. I feel like if I look at it every day I will jinx it and it will be a poor swell but if I hold off unit a few days before hand its gonna be PUMPING! There is absolutely no logic to it but would you risk it? You'd be gutted at yourself the time you checked super early especially if it was firing the week before you got there.

So its locked in, the swell is settling in and we can now pick the board...lets be honest it was always going to be the same board no matter the conditions. We all have a board that if we just aren't sure on how it's looking or where we are surfing we will pack in the car or on a flight as it is our comfort zone board. 

If possible change it up as often as you can, swap a few waves to ride a mates board, challenge a session on something new or random as you just don't know what you may have been missing. But always take your go to board for when you change your mind ;) 





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