- The Hero -

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Designing and creating a board to put the words ‘’high performance’’ next to it we had to be sure that it was going to withhold some decent surf conditions and surfers. The board was originally designed back in 2015 when we looked at combining two of our boards that were never released.
The idea was simplistic– a single concave blending to a double, rounded pin tail to hold speed and security along with relatively low volume. This was our platform for what we knew would give us a board that could sit in the pocket and create powerful lines under the lip.
Putting a 5 fin set up option meant we could open up to various conditions and speed of wave. We tested the first ever one we made in Ireland. It was a late take off board that felt solid under foot. We needed more creativity though in the tail to help drive the power through the turns and releasing when a surfer positioned their weight correctly.
Team rider Hannah Bristow surfing a 5'10 Hero - California

We decided to concentrate on the tail, a slight Vee from the back fin would give us the lines, power and performance of the board that we were looking for. It opened up the possibility to throw the tail through or under the lip quickly whilst maintaining the speed.

We made up 4 of the final designs ranging from a 5’10 – 6,2 and took them on the following trip to Hossegor at the end of October last year. The swell was solid and consistent allowing us to push the boards in all sizes and in solid conditions.
Tested with some locals and ourselves having nothing but positive feedback – The Hero was born.

We took close attention to the rails taking off 1/8'' from the original design which equates to around 0.3L of volume. Blending the rails and tweaking the tail made the Hero super responsive, lively and solid under foot. Giving the surfer that ‘’high performance’’ rounded pin shape they needed in challenging conditions. It is worth bearing in mind that this is not our ''competition board''. It is the board we would recommend to those surfers that want a high performance board with a decent amount of volume (not all of us are built like the pro's and having more edge allows you to drag out those turns)
As soon as we gave the all clear we set this as our team performance board and were put in touch with Carve magazine to featured it in the 2017 board guide. It was received well by viewers and soon became one of our hot topics as a brand.