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Who's joined the team?!

by Fitzroy Surf Co. | | | 0 Comments

We have exciting news for you Fitzroy followers. We have 2 new member of the team to announce today. Creating a positive atmosphere in the water and working alongside both members to create products and insights to the brand. The feedback from the team is vital as we want to create and develop the brand along side a wide audience and to stay true to that we need to have like minded people helping us.

With no further hesitation the first member we are going to introduce you to is....

 Simon Short - AKA An Average Surfer


Simon is a talented writer and blogger living on Huntington Beach, California. Writing for The Inertia about his surfing adventures and the developments of grass route surfers. Originally from the UK Simon set off to open his own surf school and create a life on the other side of the world.

Simon's work for The Inertia really kicked off when he wrote an piece on Surfing and depression - click here to read This article went viral and hopefully has reached out to more and more people around the world as we speak. 

His positive attitude is fantastic and although in California has not seen the most consistant surf over the last few months so has set his eyes on a quick drive down to Mexico.

If you want to read more about the Mexico trip take a look here!!

Simon is going to help us create a brand that will be more accessible across the world and bring you enjoyable and relatable content for the site. 


Next time you are cruising through California please drop by and say hi to him and his surf school. 



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