Born in the North Sea

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Seasons are changing, leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, this means the winter swells are on their way! Time to walk into work with wet hair and scramble to the beach after hours to get in before dark.

Sure we all love the sunshine but once those ground swells start rolling on through we soon forget our need for those rays and a good tan.


The fun tasks as a shaper is temperature control for the resins and getting the work complete if the surf is thumping in on your doorstep!   

We are lucky to be situated right on the beautiful and rugged coastline of the North East. A quick 20-30 min window in the water is easily doable and it has helped us with everything as a company that we do. 

From developing boards, making heavy decisions, clothing ranges, goals, having the North Sea right over the road makes us who we are. 

Popping back and forth with different boards or running back for deliveries we love it! Fitzroy was born from the North Sea and raised in the North East.

A quick surf can clear your head, set everything back in order. Stepping out the workshop, walking over the road to duck a few waves with your mates is what we are all about. 

It's an incredible opportunity that we will never take for granted. We love making surfboards, designing clothing, surfing and where we live. We have some really exciting things developing at the moment with our amazing Fitzroy Family and we can't wait to share them all. Until then we will have our heads down grafting hard...until there's a wave...






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