Youngest Team Rider - Harry Fitzgerald

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We are very happy to announce that Harry Fitzgerald, a local surf instructor in Tynemouth, will be joining the Fitzroy Surf Co team! Harry is entering the world of competitions next year and having only ever free surfed in the past he will be documenting that transition. Fitzroy will be there for Harry's journey supporting the transition and you can read all about it here!


Being a surf instructor in Tynemouth means Harry is in the water throughout the day and always squeezing in a quick session. Juggling school and work he will be entering the world of surf competitions around the UK and his main goal is to just have fun. 


From time to time Harry disappears to Tiree to spend time with family and catch empty waves. Exploring the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland Harry is exposed to all conditions so knowledge is key.


Tynemouth has produced some incredible surfers in the past...could Harry be the next one on the list..?

Lets get behind Fitzroy Surf Co's youngest team member and local hero, YEW!

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