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Pugsley was designed by our team rider Hannah Bristow. Hannah had an idea of a board that she has been after for a few years but never been able to make that board reality.

A board that should be taken into smaller conditions and still give a high performance lively and responsive feeling.

Keeping it focused towards performance surfing we kept the outline of the Pugsley as you would find on a performance shortboard. Narrow rails with a bite point drawn forward to really allow the back end of the board to hold whilst pushed through a turn allowing the surfer to really hack into a turn. Putting a slight Vee on the last 6 inches of the board allows release and gives it more response.

Hannah's approach to shaping was incredible. She wasn't sure how to get what she wanted but she knew exactly how she wanted it to feel. We moved the fin boxes 1/2 and inch forward and pushed the width of the nose up to create a perfect blend of performance and fun in one board. 

Super easy to paddle onto wave, low volume and balanced well throughout the Pugsley is a fantastic board to own and one that can be ridden in waist - head high conditions with confidence. 


** All Fitzroy boards are hand made and take three weeks after purchase for completion, any alterations to this time you will be updated. **


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6 18 1/2 2  5/16 24.4
5'8 18 3/4 2 1/4 26.7
5'10 19 2  9/16 31.3
6'2 19 1/2 2 3/4 34.6
6'4 19 3/4 2 15/16 37.5
6'6 20    3    40.5

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