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Abbi Hughes

Place of Birth: Hertfordshire UK
Home Break: Praa Sands Cornwall
Goofy/Regular: Goofy
Favourite board: Orca and Panda, I couldn’t just choose one! Not only do they have epic names, they are two very different boards for different styles of surfing, depending on what the ocean brings on the day. The Orca is the perfect shape for high performance and power, amazing for stoke filled energy surfs and competitions, the perfect all-rounder. However, I also have a massive soft spot for the Panda, amazing in smaller surf and perfect for summer days to catch all the waves amidst the crowds!
Favourite Wave: Secrets, Jersey.

About Abbi

I LOVE THE OCEAN, everything about it. I find it captivating and I love to explore and photograph both above and below the surface. I currently live and work as a photographer in the beautiful county of Cornwall which gives me plenty of excuses to get outside and in the water at every available opportunity. To me, there is nothing better than enjoying the ocean with friends and family, surfing in stunning locations, oh and having a nice cold pint (or two) after a long session.

Events for the year

There are a few comps I will be entering this year in both long and short boarding events which is super exciting. I am keen to travel and hoping to explore some of the worlds warm water surf breaks this year! General goals are to get in the sea every day and find some more secret spots that work in unusual conditions around my local coast.

Favourite food

Mum’s Sunday roast!

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If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Sea Otter - because they spend most of their life in the water, we both love shellfish (especially oysters) and diving through kelp forests. They also eat 25% of their body weight every day… I have an addiction to biscuits and would love to eat that many a day!