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Business Eco System

Here at Fitzroy we will continue to use local produced goods and local artists wherever possible in our business plan. Creating a stronger network of like minded people and helping businesses around us.

We currently use Heyho print co for the branding on our organic apparel who are based in Saltburn in the UK. Friends from the water and true artists, working with the company we feel has been a perfect match for the brand.

Likewise with Contact surf wax using environmentally friendly materials to provide great connection to your board. They have always been open with their direction and we currently have an exclusive range provided by themselves.

We realise that to create a brand that wants to remain true to itself and hold the passion of that many others share holds great responsibility. We work closely with professionals and masters of their trade to create products we believe every surfer/traveller would need. We want to support the local trades man and create a environment where people could learn the trade allowing them to make a career out of it if they would like to. The Fitzroy Project was created. The Fitzroy Project is forever evolving helping local tradesmen, being involved in charity work and supporting groups where we can.

Our reclaimed wooden wax combs, hand planes and board socks are made by Origin Made. A local craftsman that teaches others the art in wood work, getting creative with materials and shows the passion behind it.