Fitzroy Surfboard Glassing

The Surfboard Glassing Workshop

As shapers Fitzroy has leant from others passing on their extensive knowledge and we would like to offer our customers and local shapers the same. If you have recently shaped a board but are hesitant of glassing or need repair work done after hitting the reef we can offer to do that for you.

We can offer a couple options for you to enable you to get the finish your after on the board you’ve created. We can provide fin plugs and leash plugs for an additional cost.

Our Glass House is a great way of opening the doors of our workshop and helping others finish their board.

A list of a few options available is below but if there is something that isn’t on there that you are after please don’t hesitate to get in touch on

  • Standard Glassing - On a shortboard we suggest two layers of 4oz glass for the deck and a single for the bottom. 7’1 + we would then advise going to 6oz glass with the same layering system.
  • If you are looking for Vector net or S-Glass we can give you a price on the enquiry

Surfboard Repair Work

Our workshop is open to repairs - all quotes given individually after inspection of the damage.

Our average turnaround time for glass work and repairs is two weeks.