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Hannah Bristow

Place of Birth: Lincolnshire
Home Break: Technically it would be Skegness! But its either the South of Tenerife (where I learnt to surf) or for now its Woolacombe, North Devon.
Goofy/Regular: Goofy all day
Favourite board: THE PUGSLEY! I got to design it with Simon last year and it’s a magic board! It goes well in my favourite conditions which is anything between 1ft-6ft
Favourite Wave: So tough! Spanish Left in Tenerife, Lakey Pipe and in the UK it would probably be Thurso or Lynmouth….. I love reef breaks!

About Hannah

I lived in Tenerife and mainland spain for nearly 10 years and have only been living in the UK the last 3 years. I compete on the UK Pro Surf Tour and the WQS. When its flat I like skating bowls and mini ramps (just not street!). I also film a Youtube Surf Series called Kelly Says Surf, which is a kind of comedy series where we surf no matter what! The Pugsley surfboard is named after a teddy bear that was won for me at Santa Monica pier, California, a couple of years back (home of The Lords of Dogtown). He now travels with me everywhere around the world!

Events for the year

I’ve had a severe back injury this year so just being in the water and surfing is pretty rad! I have a Maldives boat trip in a few weeks time where we are filming our next episode of Kelly Says Surf! Then winter trips away are just being planned out now, we’re thinking Barbados!

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?