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Jaide Lowe

Place of birth: Grimsby - N.E. Lincolnshire
Home Break: Woolacombe
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Fav board: Pugsley
Fav wave: Lynmouth

About Jaide

I am 23 year old, I have been surfing for 10 years and I have competed within Europe and Internationally representing England at the world junior games. I am currently a university student studying Early Childhood degree with a main focus around teaching. I spend all my spare time around the sea or researching my next trip. (preparing for when i can afford it ... student life).

Events for the year

I took a back seat from competing recently and this year i will be coming back starting with board masters, the night surf and Thurso towards the end of the year. I also am a member of the woolacombe board riders and have held the title for the last 3 years, so will be going for my fourth this year. Being a student means I also compete at the biggest University event of the year BUCS down in Newquay which will take place this October.

Favourite Food

Sunday Roast with homemade gravy preferably Grandma's gravy.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Dolphin because they love to play, they get to travel for free, their naturally instinct is to protect and they love to surf waves ... some say better than any human can.

Instagram: @jaide_darna_lowe

Facebook: jaidelowesurf