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Simon Short

Place of Birth: Weymouth, England

Home Break: Huntington Beach, California

Goofy/Regular: Goofy

Favourite board

Got to be the Fitzroy Panda all day. I am all about boards that can maximize wave count and fun, while still being able to link turns and put your board where you want it to be on the wave.

Favourite wave

Thats a difficult one, I have new favorites all the time but I have a few favorite waves for various different reasons. When it comes to wave quality and fun,Trestles is up there for me. I am all about those easy take offs and consistent sections but the crowds are not fun at all. For sentimental reasons, Putsborough in Devon holds a special place from my youth. Recently though some un-named breaks in Baja, Mexico are topping my list. WIth a little adventure south of the border, you can get quality waves all to yourself.

About me

I’m a 33 year old writer and surfer from England, living in California. I started surfing when I was 15 and I still surf as much as I can. I write from the perspective of an average, grass roots surfer. I have equal moments of brilliance and frustration in the water, but I live for surfing.

I am determined that my best waves are still to come and am on a journey to document my surfing, travel and progression.

Events for the year

Book release of The Average Surfers Guide

Surf trips to England, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka are all on the cards

To have as much fun surfing with my friends as possible and progress at the same time.

Favourite food

Sushi!! Could live off Sushi alone.

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If you could be an animal, what would you be and why

I think I would be a Great White Shark… That way I could get some waves to myself and own the lineup.