Height, width and thickness

These were what surfers believed were measurements that mattered. Volume is something all shapers are advising surfers to get to grips with. A simple foundation on the subject can help you towards your next board and give you the confidence behind your decision.

The Guild Factor

The the ratio achieved by dividing the volume of a surfboard (in cubic litres of foam) by the rider’s weight (in kilograms). As an example, a surfer who weighs 90 kg and rides a board that is 45 litres would have a guild factor of 0.5. This ratio can then be used in the opposite direction to help people customize their boards.

  • Advanced, extremely fit, high performance surfers: RANGE .34gf to.36gf
  • Typical fitness with average, to above average skills: RANGE.36gf to .38gf
  • Domesticated, lower fitness, desk jobs, and Weekend Warrior surfers: RANGE .38gf to .42gf
  • Novice surfers, or surfers with extremely small surf, thick wetsuits or adverse conditions: RANGE .40gf TO .50gf

Standard longboards feature a Guild Factor of 1.0, with high performance longboards a bit lower at 0.90.

SUPs range from GF 2.0 for beginners to 1.3 for advanced riders.

*If you’re surfing in warm water and good waves, the lower end of the scale is recommended. If you’re surfing in poor conditions, wearing thick wetsuits, lean towards the higher end of the range that you fall.