The Average Surfers Guide

The Average Surfers Guide



Book by brand ambassador Simon Short

The Average Surfer's Guide to Travel, Waves and Progression explores the metaphysical effects of surfing, the biological effects of surfing and how the sport, percolated into a lifestyle opens us up to travel, adventure, community and a true belonging.

The book takes a unique approach by forgetting the glamour of professional surfing and telling a story of hard lessons learned by an average, everyday surfer.

The Average Surfer's Guide is Simon Short's true story of a life lived for surfing. Short tells engaging, powerful and humorous stories of adventures that began on the beaches of South West England and continued to new locations around the world.

The book takes us into situations that many are familiar with, but few share. Short bravely shares details from his darker days suffering depression and his efforts to forge a false identity as a law enforcement officer in America. Before leaving it all behind and starting a new life after learning some valuable lessons during a gunfight in the California desert.

The Average Surfer's Guide takes us on a journey from dark to light and teaches us how to live a true, balanced life that is authentic to who we are and what makes us happy. Namely, Surfing.