Lunasurf Extended 3 piece tail pad with no arch - White

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 An extended in length 3 piece tail pad with no arch, perfect for any board type.

Single Diamond Grove

Diamond grove means more surface area which mean MORE GRIP! With it not being too pronounced which works with the LunaSurf EVA foam density to massively reduce rashes.
LunaSurf have been testing EVA foam densities for years with their global ambassadors who have ridden in hugely varying conditions. From tropical Indonesian Islands to the freezing waters of Iceland.
As surfers we know it is a pain in the ass not to mention a waste of money when you have just gripped up a new board to only have the grip fall off after a couple of months. This is why Luna chose to only use the strongest 3M adhesive on all their tractions.

Designed for surfer by surfers

  • 3 piece pad with no arch
  • 3cm thick
  • Arch bar of 17cm x 6.5cm x 0.8cm
  • Single Diamond grove
  • Very strong adhesive
  • Unique Luna Surf foam density


38cm long, 32cmwidest point