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Team Rider Hannah Bristow took to the shaping bay and created her ''dream competition board''.

Looking for the board that could see her through beach and reef breaks giving her maneuverability, speed and security when everything is on the line. The dimensions and volume balance throughout the board were absolutely critical to make this weapon come together and perform to another level.

Hannah had boards in the past that worked so well for her so we created a few boards and tweaked them until we found the perfect balance of what she was looking for. 

After numerous calls, re-shaping and meeting we are giving you Pugsley! Named after Hannah's traveling lucky charm we give you Fitzroy's first ever competition board! 

Low volume, high performance and fin set up ever so slightly off set back to allow release in the tail Pugsley will offer you nothing but options on a performance wave. 


Please Note:

All Fitzroy Surfboards come as standard with three Fusion fin plugs in white with branding. Fin plugs are available in various colours.

Optional 5 fin set up additional £12

Any block colour way or resin tint (two colours) on the board is an additional £15

**Any additives to the order such as volume adjustment, spray work or the above  please contact us on hello@fitzroysurfboards.com and specify how you would like to customise your order.**

  •  Pic: Pugsley with 3 FCS 2 plugs in grey, No Patch or artwork - £370
Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6 18  1/2 2  5/16 24.4
5'8 18  3/4 2 1/4 26.7
5'10 19      2  9/16 31.3
6'2 19 1/2 2 3/4 34.6
6'4 19 3/4 3    37.5
6'6 20    3    40.5